Target Audience:
Individuals working at Financial Institutions worldwide

65 Minutes

English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese

The purpose of this course is to raise awareness and increase your knowledge of money laundering and the different types of financial crime.

Learning Objectives

Once you complete this course you should be able to:

  • Define different types of financial crime:
    • money laundering
    • tax crime
    • trade based money laundering
    • terrorist financing
    • internal fraud
  • Describe the three stages of money laundering
  • Identify common money laundering trends
  • Recognize examples of tax crime
  • Recognize basic trade based money laundering techniques
  • Identify the most common methods terrorists use to collect and move funds
  • Identify the most common methods in which internal fraud takes place
  • Explain your company’s role as a financial service provider in the fight against financial crime
  • Identify your role in combating financial crime

This course includes


Interactive Activities



Certificate of Completion

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